For a long time computers were only used for work, and gaming was reserved for consoles, but that is no longer the case, since more companies are heading to releasing computer games to reach more players, and although computer gaming is accessible, it does require some gadgets!

what do you need to be a gamer?

The first thing you need is obviously a computer, but which computer is the question you ask, well a very strong one, a gaming computer would need:
•A good processor: you should choose the latest generations as they are always improving and evolving and games always require more from you, so you should provide the latest technology, which will only last you a few years before you would have to upgrade it.
•Ram: 4 gig of ram is definitely not enough, and 8 will only get you so far, so you need 16 in order to play peacefully in higher settings, without having your pc lag or stop at random times.
•A graphics card: an integrated graphics card is definitely not enough, you will need another one, and a good one at that, because video games unlike simple work, need stronger gadgets, and in order to enjoy the best gaming experience you need the best gadgets.
•A cooling system: to make sure things don’t catch fire mid-game, well not exactly, but a strong processor has a tendency to heat up when running strong programs such as games, and to prevent the heat from ruining your computer you would need good permanent cooling.

After you have your computer ready, you should get a good monitor, it has to have a good resolution and good vibrant colors for the best gaming experience, and to get good use of that graphics card, it would be best if it was big as well.
You would also need a good sound system to get you ready for gaming, a good backlit keyboard wouldn’t be so bad either.

And of course you need a comfortable chair, it has to be adjustable so you can find the perfect position to play, and also to protect you from back pain after long hours of playing.


Gaming is fun! But it can cost you a lot of money to enjoy good video games in higher settings and comfortable conditions, so start saving!