We live in an era where technology has taken over our lives, occupying different industries and being everywhere we look, and it is good to know a thing or two about how this technology works, and what better place to start than programing since all computers need it, and in all fields!

What is programming?

Programing is simply put: giving orders to the computer, which will translate it to actions and applications, so it is the tool that allows us to “communicate” with computers as they do not understand our language and we do not understand theirs, and this will help us later to create new programs

What you should know about programing

When you write a code, it is understandable by you and other humans, but a computer only understands numbers, so the code that you typed will be transformed into something that the computer can work on later, and this computer will create out of the orders that you gave it the program or software that you want.

But which language should you use, as you may know there are many programing languages, and learning one of them will only get you so far, because every language is made for a specific function that another language cannot be used for, here are some of the most used programing languages:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • C
  • C#
  • Python

How can you learn programing?

It may be hard at first but it will eventually get simpler, there are many ways to learning, you can either read books about it, go on special teaching websites, study it in college, or watch youtube videos, and the wah you choose depends on the level you would like to get to, but practice is always the best way, no matter how much you read on the subject it will not help you as much as practice would, so we highly recommend it.

Also, try learning from different sources at once, for example don’t just rely on youtube videos to master coding, instead read books on the matter as well, this way you will have the maximum information you can get.


It is always better to learn something new so we encourage you to learn programing as it is quiet needed in our modern world, and practice a lot,it will help you develop your skills and master programing faster and better than any other way.