You’re a student and you want to study with your laptop in order to carry less and write less too, but can’t find the right softwares and programs to help you study ? we are here to draw some guidelines for you and provide you with our favourite softwares for students like you !

Studying with a laptop : pros and cons !

When it comes to bringing your laptop to the classroom, and using it either to take notes, search meanings, or follow the course with your teacher on a book or a document, opinions diverge, there are people who would agree to that and others who would not, so let us see what pros and cons bringing your laptop with you to class has :

  • Pros : the number one advantage in this case is you can say goodbye to printing out the material for every class, you might still want to do so for a class or two but not all the material and therefore you can save up large sums of money that printing once cost you. In addition to that, you no longer need to carry heavy books, and assignments, you can find almost everything in digital format, you can even type out your assignments and email them to your teacher, no need for paper anymore.

Furthermore, a good amount of students are nowadays more comfortable taking notes on their laptops rather than using a notepad. Students can also look up information during class and share it with the rest of the class students … etc.

  • Cons : as for the disadvantages of bringing a laptop into the classroom, you can count the fact that having access to internet might distract a student during class, leading to a lack of concentration. It may also be distracting even disturbing at times to other students not using laptops, and more often than not, students will probably login to their social media and get even more distracted !

Best softwares for a student’s laptop : simple and practical programs to help you study !

We are going to list down the three most effective programs we could find for students to have on their laptops :

  • OneNote : whether you like it or not, you are expected to be taking a lot of notes, and this is definitely the software that allows you to do so ! it also offers to save as many articles as you need for future need ! a platform to work in group for project or assignments, …etc.
  • Microsoft To-Do : another software that makes a student’s life so much easier because you no longer need to worry about remembering all the things you need to do, this program allows you to make to-do lists and organize them into categories like differents classes for example and check them off your list once they’re done.
  • Sensavis : the place for students who are fans of visuals since this program offers an enhanced experience of the learning process. Within, you can virtually explore the solar system, the human body and what not ! Including content on numerous subjects, it guarantees you will never get bored studying again !

Studying certainly is sometimes hard, but it is the key to success, thrive and self and society developpement !