Whether it is for making vlogs, short films, school projects, or home videos, video editing is needed, it is fundamental to master it, but how can you? Is it hard? How can you learn video editing?

What is video editing?

It is the art of making videos, simple as that, it ranges from picture collage with some background music, to filming with special effects (for very advanced professionals), it has found its use in today’s world in different fields professional and personal alike.

How to edit videos:

The first thing to do is to get some equipment ready:
•A good strong computer.
•A camera(it doesn’t have to be professional, you can even use your phone camera)
•Good lighting(for better image quality, it can be provided by sunlight, but you have to find the right angle).
•Good sound recording (you could use the camera or you can get special gadgets)
•A video editing software (such as filmora, Vegas pro..)

Now that everything is ready, plan what your video is going to be about , grab your camera and start filming whatever you like, record sounds that you want to insert in your video later, and then upload everything to your computer so you can start the real work.

Open your video editing software, and choose the files that you need to use in the video, these programs are usually easy to use, you have a small screen on the side to show you a sample of your video, in the lower part you will find some long horizontal panels, these will contain the photo, video, or audio files that you choose, all with a small timeline to help you place your items where you want them to be.

After that, you can start adding filters and effects that are usually provider by the software or available to purchase, you can also cut , extend or change the video contents, adding some sound effects can help as well, and maybe an intro and an ending.

Finally check your project well before finishing, you can see what the final video would look like with the small screen on top, and when you are finally sure of everything you can either save it as a project, or make your video, this last option might take quite some time depending on your computer, so we advise you to be patient.